SIKK Achieves Gold Award at Virtual Innovation Competition (VIC) 2023

Kota Kinabalu,June 26, 2023- The Indonesian School Team of Kota Kinabalu (SIKK) in Sabah, Malaysia, has achieved the Gold Award in the Virtual Innovation Competition (VIC) 2023, held for the third time. VIC 2023 took place online from March to June 2023, organized by DIGIT360 and the Digital Interest Group (DIGIT), in collaboration with the Information Science Study, Faculty of Computing, Informatics, and Media, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Kelantan Branch, Malaysia; Ngudi Waluyo University, Indonesia; Polytechnic College of Sur Polytechnic, the Philippines; Asia Research News; Indian Innovators Association, India; Arab Academic Union, Yemen; Indonesian Young Scientists Association, Indonesia; Nusantara Training and Research, Indonesia; Solusi Academica Press; and Laman Teknologi.

This year’s VIC competition received an overwhelming response, attracting 1005 project submissions from participants representing five countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. All 1005 projects were presented through captivating and informative video presentations.

SIKK sent a team consisting of Desinita binti Rusdi, an 11th-grade student and Muh Dliyaul Haq as the supervising teacher. The SIKK team submitted an innovative video entry entitled “EquivaLearn” for the competition. EquivaLearn stands as a revolutionary learning application, seamlessly integrating comprehensive learning modules and an attendance system catering to both teachers and students.

Muh Dliyaul Haq, the team’s supervisor from SIKK, revealed that they began preparing for the competition in March, starting from the preparation phase, designing, and testing the application.

“We have worked on this project from March to June, and the idea originated from discussions with Desi about the need for online-accessible learning resources for students, allowing them to learn from home using modules integrated into the application. Additionally, we included a menu to record teacher attendance. As a result, we developed EquivaLearn, which is currently in prototype form. Hopefully, it can be further developed in the future and used extensively by SIKK students. The final preparation for this event was creating the video and presenting it in English,” said Muh Dliyaul Haq.

Desinita expressed gratitude to the supervisor and other teachers who provided guidance. “Alhamdulillah we have received the Gold Award in this competition. This competition has given me a lot of experience and has improved my presentation skills in English. Although I was initially a bit nervous, Alhamdulillah, I managed to overcome it well. I am very grateful to the supervising teacher and the teachers who trained me. My hope is that the application we created can be further developed and beneficial for our schoolmates,” Desi shared.

For your information, VIC showcases innovations from various fields and streams, with the aim of fostering a culture of innovation and design in teaching and learning and other related fields among educators, students, and the public. as well as providing a prestigious platform for educators, students, and the public to participate and showcase their innovations and designs through digital platforms.

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